Culture + Place / Who We Are

Culture & Place is the economic development and destination marketing practice area of Blueprint Creative Group, a consultancy specializing in brand strategy, communications, and thought leadership. Culture & Place is our approach to developing deep expertise in the business of growing tourism for destinations and positioning cities, states, and communities for economic prosperity. 

Established since 2006, Blueprint Creative Group has the combined capabilities of a dozen agencies through our international agency network with each having different specialties and strengths. Our cohort of deep specialists around the world working alongside the core team provides us with the capacity to consult with the largest organizations in the U.S. and abroad. 

We craft compelling city brands, drive economic growth, advocate for causes, influence the news, beat the drum, activate people, motivate them towards action, and drive support for issues that matter. Through planning, research, and strategic facilitation, we create cohesive outreach campaigns that generate national and international awareness and foster support.

International Reach

We work with cities, states, and countries and also have the expertise and capacity to deploy international marketing campaigns.

Agile Team

We've modernized the typical agency structure. We handpick a multidisciplinary team across our agency network for each client project to bring the right mix of deep expertise together.

Marketing Innovation

We believe that our true job as marketers is to create game-changing experiences driven by data and technology and is ultimately inspirational and aspirational.

Data Geeks

Data is the underpinning of how we develop brands. It's how we identify the opportunities to exploit and the liabilities that need to be corrected through strategic communications.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Although we've been around since 2006, we operate like a lean startup and with the flexibility and adaptability to think disruptively and move quickly.

Strategic > Tactical

We focus on developing the big ideas that will build business and not just on the tactics. Tactics alone are not sustainable especially in the absence of a comprehensive strategy.