City of Miami Gardens

We secured this 12-year old startup city’s first national TV feature on the Travel Channel. The City is home to Hard Rock Stadium and the new home of the Miami Tennis Open yet hidden behind the shadows of the regional Miami brand. We used the opportunity to raise national awareness.

Central Atlanta Progress

When the City of Atlanta created a new Downtown Dining District as an opportunity to promote the downtown corridor and attract visitors, we developed the branding platform that would launch the District and  communicate a distinct positioning from other Atlanta neighborhoods.

NeighborWorks America

Because large developments often redefine a community, we were retained by this national community development agency to develop place branding strategies and community engagement to reframe the image of reinvestment communities in redevelopment areas.

Guyana Tourism Authority

For the Guyana Tourism Authority, we’ve led public relations strategy for the North American market to increase awareness among niche audiences. Guyana is a shadow destination hidden behind the spotlight of big ecotourism destinations like Costa Rica and Peru. When we were retained, they were a little known South American country that most people could not identify on the map. They had an identity issue, a branding problem, and a marketing challenge, and we were retained to help put Guyana on the nature and adventure tourism map.

Tourism Board of Spain

Spain has a desire of expanding traveler’s understanding of the destination beyond Flamenco dancing and paella. The destination wants to connect with audiences who are passionate about art and culture, who would appreciate their natural landscape and architectural marvels, and those who also like fine dining and shopping. So we’ve worked with Spain as part of their domestic (US) PR team to activate new audiences and reintroduce them to the part of Spain that is meaningful to them. It’s part of Spain’s national advertising campaign,
Spain is Part of You.